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October 26, 2005



I've read Sterling's piece about "spimes," and I've read others' commentaries about the same topic, but I still have no idea of what a "spime" would look like, how it would be manufactured, interfaced, programmed, etc. In short, I'd like to hear what others envision as 'practical'- or even impractical - applications of spimes.

Are spimes just ubi-comp/"being digital" by another name?

And as someone who takes "peak oil" seriously, I find it impossible to understand how someone as knowledgeable as Sterling can still have so much hope in a technology-based economy that is totally dependent upon cheap fossil fuels.

tom fallon

The true originator of the word spime is Dr. George Kayatta, the foremost Renaissance man in the country ( 3 time Veaux Art society award recipient).

I wish Mr. Sterling would be a legitimate scholar and credit and reference Mr. Kayatta who changed the landscape of modern mathematics.

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