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April 18, 2007



Haha great post! I never realized there was so much to your logo.

Ian Bogost

It's worth pointing out that historically, a colophon meant something different from a printer's mark, although that is indeed what it usually means today. Printer's marks date from the very earliest times in modern printing -- many readers here might be familiar with the anchor and dolphin mark of 15th c. printer Aldus Manutius.

Anyway, a colophon is also a description of the production of a book, usually notes about its typesetting and layout. It's a practice that has fallen somewhat out of favor save for small presses and bookmaking snobs (Edward Tufte's Graphics Press qualifies as both). But there does seem to have been a rise in colophon use of this kind as more authors, editors, or publishers are interested in communiating the use of renewable emergy or materials in the paper and printing processes they might use.


There are 12 colophons:
10 in the header pic +
1 shown on the left +
1 as the favicon in the web browser.
God bless,

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