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November 13, 2009


S Moody

30,000 MFA graduates per years sounds very high. Is this in the US, or worldwide? What is the source for this figure?

seth kaufman

i was raised in the arts, did not go to school, i am a professional artist, i teach art at the college level... whether you go to school or not you pay either way... people get hung up on the money, it's not about the money... school will not make you an artist any more than the school of life experience... one of my favorite quotes is "children make friends, adults recognize them"... this could apply to becoming a professional artist, you either are or you are not... if you are truly an artist then the path doesn't really matter it's just whatever is best for the individual - school is direct and hard and fast or life experience is deep and hard and slow... and what's so bad about thousands of people paying tons of money to be educated in the arts, who will never become life long professional artists - at least we are filling the world with people who not only love but are trained to understand art and now society is finally willing to support an industry which has historically been marginalized as having little importance - how can this be a bad thing... arts advocates have been fighting for generations to make arts education valued and relevant and now that the fruits of this battle are finally coming to fruition, the people who have benefited from that struggle are turning on themselves and fighting to cut back arts education... yes of course there are excesses and yes a small percentage of people who pay to go to school for art end up having a career in the arts but what's so wrong with living in a world where doctors, lawyers, accountants, athletes, moms and dads, etc., all have a robust appreciation for the arts... i was lucky to be raised to honor the arts and so was my brother but unlike me, he went to college and owns his own business and guess what, he loves collecting art. i do not regret my path and would not do it any other way yet i do envy some of the skills and formal knowledge bases my peers who went to college possess. i respect my students commitment to expanding their artistic gifts and in doing so help to support my life's work in the arts - beyond that, i give them as much of myself as i can because i know that some of them may actually help me open my eyes to seeing the world in new ways.

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