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May 30, 2012


Stephen Goldberg

I knew Ralph through working at the Mass. summer camp and at Antioch (I graduated in 1965 so we didn't really overlap much there). But we remained in touch in his Boston years while I worked toward my Ph.D. at Clark Univ. in nearby Worcester, Mass.
We reconnected in recent years and I, of course, have read ONFLOW. Our email "conversations" regarding the book reflected my halting understanding of all that he was getting at. He did allow that his current (unfinished) work would be more "accessible."
So while I have not really been close to Ralph since 1968 or so, he left a lasting impression on me with his intellect and great, subtle, sense of humor. I thought of him often and will miss his presence, however distant, on my life.
Stephen Goldberg

John Garrett

Ralph and I were close friends and roommates at Antioch and in Chicago, but lost touch thereafter. In memory, Ralph has always been a touchstone for clarity, intelligence, breadth of interest and concerns -- and at Antioch, he was a pretty good basketball player too!

In loving memory,

John Garrett

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